December 16, 2020

Holidays Counting Down…And the Nursery World

Holidays Counting Down…And the Nursery World

Here are some shots from around the nursery world where you can get unique California native plants for the natural garden enthusiast from matilija poppies to some of our own exceptional pacific coast iris hybrids (and non-native reblooming irises that are pretty cool too). We’re on 4 acres and crowding up has yet to be an issue nor will it become one. I do keep track of spacing and I’m not shy about keeping sufficient space between groups (well beyond this 6′ nonsense). I don’t want to get sick nor do I want my plant friends to get sick either.

Lots of space for garden shopping…..

We have a big crop of matilija poppies for your garden or someone else’s. Here they are waiting….

While they don’t look like so much now they are fast growing will you’ll get flowers by this spring…


We now have a few (20 1-gallons and 7 5-gallon ) Lavatera ‘Purissima’s for your garden. this is a new one for us and it’s not on our Availability List. It’s a cross between our Channel Islands Lavatera and one from N. Mexico. And, it’s smaller and more compact than ours from the Channel Islands. While we have very few now more are on the way!

We also have a lot of really unique pacific coast irises that you will not find anywhere else. Many of these are our creations. Here are a few just to get the idea, in 3-gallon pots and we will be adding to this list. Will bloom heavily this spring.  These are for your shade garden. The pricing on the irises in 3-gallon pots for specific ones is $30 for mixed colors that have yet to bloom $25. The mixed are a good surprise!

This one is unnamed at this point but if you say you want a “409” I’ll know what your mean.

Also one of ours that we have to name but if you want one of these just tell me you want an ‘Untitled404’ and I’ll know.

Another one of our creations ‘Canyon Banner’. We have only about 10 of these in 3-gallon pots for now with more in mid-winter.

An excellent blue ‘Ocean Blue’ not one of our creations but a Ghio iris and big award winner and a good grower. Many of the pacific coast hybrids with blue flowers can be difficult but not so much for ‘Ocean Blue’

One of our creations ‘Bonnie Rose’ with big wide falls.

A random one from one or our hillsides with bright yellow flowers. If you want a few of these just ask for ‘Short Hill Yellow’.

One of the “mixed” colors for a few years ago and if you’d like some of these just ask for “Mixed6”- This and the others we’ll need to name by early winter.

Another one of our creations that goes by the secret code of 327-2. We have a few of these with the very unusual reddish/bronze color for your garden.

And a very large quantity of new hybrids that have yet to bloom. Always a good surprise.

And other interesting Calif. natives too!


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