February 1, 2021

Our Pacific Coast Irises are Getting Ready to Travel…

A limited number of our pacific coast iris hybrids are ready to travel to your garden. Take a look and more will be added as they root out.  How it all works is at the end!

We are starting to ship pacific coast irises in 4″ containers. They are rooted out and ready to be planted. Oh, and while we will ship them to you at $10 each + shipping you can also buy these at the nursery for the same $10 and no shipping!

They should also look pretty close to this and ready to plant in shady spots. The closer to the cost the more sun they will be happy with.

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades- a very, very dark purple species like pacific coast iris. This a Suncrest Nurseries creation. The dark purple stands out in part shades. An easy one


Bonnie Rose

Bonnie Rose- one of our creations a random seedling of ‘Canyon Snow’ from open pollination. Large dark to light lavender flowers. Very dark green shinny foliage.

Golden Honeycomb

‘Golden Honeycomb’- one of our creations an excellent glower with big yellow flowers and purple veining.

Golden Meadow

Golden Meadow- this is a more “species” like iris with lots of flower. Easy to grow and one that you would mass plant.

Dr. Richie

Dr. Richie is one of our creations that we’ve been growing for several years. Unusual for pacific coast irises to have bright red flowers. Really show up in your shade garden.


Joey is an historic pacific coast hybrid and an excellent grower for your garden.

Ocean Blue

‘Ocean Blue’ Beautiful blue flowering pacific coast hybrid iris the a big award winner. One we use as a “cross parent” because it’s and excellent grower, the flowers have nice wide circular form, and it’s also  a big award winner too. 


RedGold is another one of our creations and excellent grower. The flowers are red/maroon with gold signal just like the picture.

How Does It All Work

We have a limited number of pacific coast irises the we offer “mail order”. We will offer more as they root out. The are $10 each and we charge $25 for shipping and packing “flat” meaning if you order 1 iris we charge $25 for shipping and packing. If you order 10 irises we still charge only $25 to ship and pack all of your order.

  1. Figure out what you’d like to order and give us a call at the nursery 805-523-8604. You will speak to a person or a person will call you right back.
  2. You’ll need to give me your order info. and I’ll ask you to send us an email with the shipping address. Our email is matilijanurseryweb@gmail.com.  I will also need a visa or MC.
  3. Orders go out via UPS on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. When your order has be dropped off with UPS I will charge your card and send email you your paid invoice along with the UPS tracking number.

That’s it! And you get to talk to a real person that can answer questions!

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Botanical Name

Salvia x brandegei 'Pacific Blue'

Common Name

hybrid sage


Flower Color


Mature Size

4 tall × 5 wide

Climactic Requirements


Filtered Sun / Full sun on coast / afternoon shade inland


Drought Tolerant / Occasional
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