June 6, 2018

Chocolate Daisies for Your Garden!!!!

Chocolate Daisies for Your Garden!!! – Bob Sussman 6/6

Chocolate daisies or Berlanderia lyrata- natives of our southwest and northern Mexico get their name because they do give off a very strong chocolate fragrance.They grow well in Southern California gardens in full sun to part shade and flower from early spring into early winter. Small perennials about 1’x 2’ used as a border or meadow garden. When massed they the heavy sweet chocolate fragrance can carry a fairly distance. You can find some local examples of mass plantings in Rustic Canyon Golf Course(shown above) in Moorpark and California Lutheran University. Below…..buy the foot bridge crossing Olsen Road toward the library.


The flowers open in the early morning sending off the chocolate fragrance and then close up in the early afternoon taking their fragrance with them until the next day. However if you plant them in a part shade area as shown below at the edge of a tree’s shade canopy they remain open. This is at the nursery under a  western redbud tree.

Full disclosure- I have tons of these planted in my garden – great bee and butterfly plant too!!!


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