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The Best Pacific Coast Iris New Blooms for 2019

The Best Pacific Coast Iris New Blooms for 2019- Bob Sussman

We wait all year to see what will the new first blooms look like on the pacific coast irises we crossed two years ago. Two years is a long time to wait for a flower new or not but from “cross” to flower takes between two and three years like it or not. No matter how much we try and how much we think it through there are only about 1/4th of them that I’d call exceptional. Many of these it’s difficult to pick one from the other as the same parents sometimes produce similar children. How many will make it though these successive summers and divisions so that we have enough to sell is another matter.  Anyway here goes…

Are these the best? It’s always hard to pick. Next year we’ll have more cool new ones and these will be further along in production (or not), and some of last years will be for sale for your garden!

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Botanical Name

Iris 'San Ardo'

Common Name

San Ardo


Flower Color


Mature Size

1-1/2' tall × 1-1/2' wide

Climactic Requirements


Part Shade / Shade / Full sun on coast / afternoon shade inland


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