Promotions & Special Offers

Promotions & Special Offers

Check out this weeks promotions – 20% off the items listed and applies to all sizes.

In plain English that means the the 1-gallon plants on sale are $5.60 and the 5-gallon plants on sale are $17.60!

Week ending 7/26


Here’s some additional information on each of the items that are on special:

berlandieralyrata copy 4

Chocolate daisy-Berlandiera lyrata Native to the southwest they feed both bees and butterflies¬†and have a very strong chocolate scent (not making this up). Size H 1′ x W 1-1/2′- making them a good choice for a meadow garden or perennial border. Bloom time is from spring through early winter.

asclepiasmonarch2 2

Narrow leaf milkweed-Asclepias fascicularis. Milkweed is the only food plant for the monarch caterpillar and this is where there female monarch lays her eggs. So if you want monarchs in your garden this is a good one to have. The flowers are also good nectar plants for a variety of different kinds of butterflies and bees too. These are very easy plants to grow. They will die back in winter then shoot back up in early spring, ready for the new crop of monarch butterflies.

Hummingbird (4)

California fuchsia- Zauschneria or see Epilobium- A California native that brings bright red flowers to your garden from summer through fall. A spark for bright color for your meadow garden or perennial border. Natural hummingbird feeder.

lessingiasmartaster copy

Lessingia ‘Smart Aster’- A Santa Barbara Botanic introduction for a few years ago-loaded with small pink flowers in summer. This small mounding shrub is a great addition to your meadow garden or perennial border. Good butterfly and bee feeder too.


Lemmon’s sage- Salvia lemmonii- a native of New Mexico that feeds hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. This small shrub H 3′ x W 3′+ will flower all year if planted in a sunny location. Will also flower most of the year in a shady spot too.


Mountain mint- Monardella odoratissima- Native to mountain areas in Calif. they grow very well in your garden too. They are a short perennial H 1′ x W 1-1/2′ that flower spring into early winter, with a very strong sweet minty fragrance. These will really help bring the Wild Kingdom to your garden feeding hummingbirds and an assortment of bees and butterflies.

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