Promotions & Special Offers

Promotions & Special Offers

Our pricing…typically our 1-gallon plants sell for $8 each with some exceptions. The exceptions wouldbe like our matilija poppies and some or our hybrid pacific coast irises.  Our 5-gallons typically are $25 each with the same exceptions.

And….and …bring in your old nursery pots to recycle and get a credit on purchase!!!!


Native yarrow – a couple of types


Achillea millefolium and ‘Island Pink’ both on sale this week at $6.40 for a 1-gallon, regularly $8. Use in meadow garden or perennial border. Used as lawn substitutes as well. Both native to the region

Showy milkweed- Asclepias speciosa

Showy milkweed – Asclepias speicosa

Seldom do we have these on sale but we have a nice big crop. The 1-gallons are normally $8 now on sale for $6.40 each. Native N. Calif. and east of the Sierras. They have very big wide leaves for the hungry caterpillars. The need to be in your garden for a couple of years to flower – and they are very showy!

Island red buckwheat- Eriogonum grande rubescens


Eriogonum grande rubescens- red buckwheat from the Channel Islands 1-gallons normally $8 now $6.40. Red flowering perennial blooming in late spring into mid-summer then again in fall.  Low growing for meadow garden and perennial border. Good for feeding butterflies.

Mountain mint- Monardella odoratissim



Monardella odoratissima- Mountain mint one of our natives that flowers spring into early winter. Very fragrant for perennial bordera and meadow garden. Excellent – Excellent- Excellent for pollinators like all kinds of both bees and butterflies, sometime even a hummingbird. Normally $8 for 1-gallons now $6.40 and 5-gallons now $20.  We’ve been out of them for several months.

Salvia lemmonii or red sage

Salvia lemmonii or red sage. These are native to New Mexico and will flower here all year- especially bright in summer. Medium size at H 4′ x W 4′ with bright red tube flowers to feed hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies.

Vitis ‘Roger’s Red’ – native grape hybrid

And even produce grapes

Turn bright red in fall

Vitis ‘Roger’s Red’ grape- a hybrid native grape the can cover a wall or pergola. Bright green leaves in early spring. Producing grapes in summer then bright red leaves in fall. Normally $8 for our 1-gallons now $6.40 and $25 for our 5-gallons now $20.

California fuchsia- Zauschneria


Zauschneria or now Epilobium- California fuchsia and normally $8 and $25 now $6.40 and $20. You gotta have some of these in your native garden. Bright red flowers in summer through fall when little in blooming. Plus feeding the hummingbirds.




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