Promotions & Special Offers

Promotions & Special Offers

A note on pricing- our typical – 1-gallon plants sell for $7, with a and the 5-gallon plants $22 -with a few $2 to $5 higher that can be a little more of a challenge to grow for your garden. Except when they’re on SALE and they are even less!!!!!

Weekly Items on Special for week ending 7/23      


All great choices for summer planting and flowers…..    Scarlet monkey flower- Mimulus cardinals for semi-shaded areas and give them a little water- good for “rain gardens”- flower 3 seasons and hummingbird food. Chocolate daisies- Berlandieria lyrata- from the southwest – smell just like chocolate – good for bees and butterflies. All for our desert mallows (except ‘Magenta Bob’). Mexican tulip poppies- flower a good 3 seasons- spring to early winter- sun to shade. Hummingbird sage- Salvia spathacea for shaded areas and meadow gardens. Flower spring to summer and again in fall. Verbana lilacina- these flower all year and are tremendous nectar flowers for bees and butterflies. If you want a butterfly garden get a bunch of these.                                              

You can email me with any plant related questions for free- personal advice I charge for and I don’t have a license!

And Native Wear

Here’s are first Matilija Nursery “Native Wear ” intro. at the dirt cheap price of $16 or free with purchase of $150 or more. Sizes XL, L, M won’t last long – selling fast!!!

zshirt copy 3

Also, turn in your old nursery pots for credit against purchase – great way to get rid  of your trashy old pots and bring home new plants for the garden!!!


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