Promotions & Special Offers

Promotions & Special Offers

Our pricing…typically our 1-gallon plants sell for $8 each with some exceptions. The exceptions wouldbe like our matilija poppies and some or our hybrid pacific coast irises.  Our 5-gallons typically are $25 each with the same exceptions.

Suncups-Calylophus berlanderia

Suncups-Calylophus berlanderia

Low and spreading these almost every blooming perennials will love your hot and bright sunny areas . Bee favorites too. Normally $8 now $6.40.

Island snapdragon-Galvezia ‘Gran Canon’


Island snapdragon- Galvezia ‘Gran Canon’

Island natives that will bloom all year. Plant in part shade to full sun. Excellent hummingbird, butterfly, and bee feeders. Normally, 1-gallons $8 and 5-gallons $25 now $6.40 and $20.

Toyon- Heteromeles arbutifolia


Heteromeles arbutifolia- toyon

Large evergreen shrubs with bright red berries in late fall into winter. Also, clusters of white flowers in summer for the bees. Normally 1-gallons $8 and 5-gallons $25 now $6.40 and $20.

Heuchera various – Coral Bells

Heuchera various -Coral bells

For your shade garden with both white and red flowers. Blooming in spring to early summer. Hummingbird feeders and evergreen. Normally $8 and $25 for 1-gallon and 5-gallon now $6.40 and $20.


Island mallows- Lavatera all

Island mallows- Lavatera

Just about ever blooming and fast growing. We have two species and a small number of Lavatera ‘Purissima’-  a hybrid that doesn’t get as tall. It’s also the one you see at the entrance of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. Excellent for feeding bees and hummingbirds. Will also provide a flowering divider between neighbors- back fence/wall. Normally $8 for the 1-gallons and $25 for the 5-gallons now $6.40 and $20.

Mountain mint-Monardella odoratissima

Mountain mint-Monardella odoratissima

Long flowering fragrant nectar plants for your bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Normally $8 for 1-gallon and $25 for 5-gallon now $6.40 and $20.

white sage-Salvia Apiana

white sage-Salvia apiana

Bright white leaves and flowers for the full on heat and sun garden. White sage honey comes from these and the bees. They are also used in Native American rituals- smudging. Normally $8 for the 1-gallons and $25 for the 5-gallons now $6.40 and $20 for your garden!

Verbena lilacina – Cedros Island verbena

Verbena lilacina – Cedros Island verbena- Evergreen and flowering almost all year perennial. An excellent for feeding bees and butterflies. Flowers are fragrant. Normally 1-gallons are $8 and 5-gallons are $20 – now $6.40 and $20. 


Zauschneria – California fuchsia

Native to our are these flower summer (when other things aren’t) through early winter. These feed both hummingbirds and bees. Normall 1-gallon pots are $8 and the $5-gallons are $25 now $640 and $20.


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