Promotions & Special Offers

Promotions & Special Offers

Our pricing…typically our 1-gallon plants sell for $8 each with some exceptions. The exceptions would be like our matilija poppies which are $10 each and our pacific coast irises that can range from $9 from the “mixed” or douglas types to $14 for the more intense hybrids. Our 5-gallons typically are $25 each with the same exceptions like the matilija poppies are $30 and our pacific coast irises (sold in 3Gallon pots-wider -surface area not so much deep are better for them, range from $25 for the “mixed” and up to $40 for the more intense and bigger hybirds.

Matilija Nursery – Specials for YOUR GARDEN!!!!All of the items below are 20% off through 1/19/2019!

Achillea millefolium – white flowering yarrow and the ‘Island Pink’ verity – native to the region used in meadow gardens, perennial borders, and as a lawn substitute. With a little irrigation they will flower in spring and fall. Bee and butterflies.

Carex praecillis- field sedge – this is new lawn/lawn replacement material. Easy to grow – when established water 2x/month and summer 1x/week. If you mow it, it will get thicker. Most people that do mow it do this about 2x to 4x /year to about 2″ +/-. Normally we sell them in 2″ rose pots for $2 each but on sale they’re only $1.60 each!!!!!

All of our Ceanothus …That’s right all of our Ceanothus – California lilacs are on sale this week. They range in size from H 2-1/2 x W 6′ to H 14′ x W 12. They all flower in spring and many again in fall. Rich evergreen leaves. Good for bees and butterflies.

Lavatera glabra and assurgentiflora- Island bush mallow- this is a large flowering shrub that’s native to the Channel Islands. The flowers look like little hibiscus flowers (same family) at 2″ across. Flowers in late winter through early summer then again in fall.

Ribes viburnifolium – perfume currant – Disneyland Calif. Adventure

Ribes viburnifolium- perfume currant- spreading ground cover with dark green foliage for shady areas. Native to Santa Catalina Island- while grows in a wide range of areas – the picture above was taken at the Disney Calif. Adventure. Very fragrant in the summer- hence the name perfume currant.

Salvia spathacea or hummingbird sage. Long flowering for your dry shade garden – just like in nature where it grows under oaks and other shady places.Low growing and spreading with 2-1/2′ magenta flower spikes. Flowers in spring then with some irrigation again in fall. Yes, they do attract and feed hummingbirds.

Sphaeralcea – desert mallows clip these back a bit after flowering they will regrow and flower again. Generally orange flowers but some maroon, pin, and red. Full sun H 4′ x W 4′ .

Verbena lilacina ‘De La Mina’ and Santa Barbara Botanic introduction- will occasional irrigation they’ll flower all year. In warm areas like Ojai and Simi Valley you might want to plant in shade to part shade other areas can go in full sun. Flowers – sweet fragrance feeding bees and especially butterflies. 


Also, turn in your old nursery pots for credit against purchase – great way to get rid  of your trashy old pots and bring home new plants for the garden!!!


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