Promotions & Special Offers

Promotions & Special Offers

Fall planting time is here….the days get shorter…temps. trending cooler and even a chance of rain at times.  


On “Special” for your garden and Wild Kingdom! Blue-eyed grass- Sisyrinchium bellum- used in meadow gardens and perennial borders. Long spring flowering- actually in the iris family. Field sedge- Carex praegracilis- used as a lawn substitute and meadow garden. You can buy these in 2″ containers as well as 1-gallon pots. Red lemmon sage- Salvia lemmonii- plant in full sun and will flower all year with an occasional trim. Will feed hummingbird, butterflies, and bees. Desert mallows- Sphaeralcea- generally orange flowers but we have them in a wide color range. Will flower all year with an occasional trim. White sage-Salvia apiana- very drought tolerant with white foliage and white flowers on tall white flower spikes. Native American significance as well. All of our California lilacs- Ceanothus -from shorter Ceanothus ‘Yankee Pt. to the tallest Ceanothus ‘Ray Hartman’. Generally blue flowers in spring but some with white and some will flower again in fall.

Just in time for planting season!

Also, turn in your old nursery pots for credit against purchase – great way to get rid  of your trashy old pots and bring home new plants for the garden!!!


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