May 7, 2020

What You’ll See at The Nursery ending 5/9

Here’s what you see and what we’re working on. We’re now transitioning from spring in summer and building inventory for those plants that can successfully planted in the warmer months, will flower, and also feed the wild things.

Given the situation things are very open and therefore safe.

While we often have more than one customer in the nursery at a time, things are pretty well spread out. Acres of California natives you can plant in summer. And a few things you’ll see…

These are Heterotheca ‘San Bruno Mt.’ and are used in meadow and perennial gardens. Ready for planting and soon to bloom. These will bloom from spring through middle winter. These are growing in our nursery in full on sun.

These are Zauschneria californica or California fuchsia. We have several verities and they’re all growing in the sun. These California natives will all flower in summer through early winter. They generally are H 1-1/2  x W 2′. Bright red flowers as shown below and are good one for feeding our hummingbirds.

It’s a good time to place both mountain mint and coyote mint. Both perennials flower spring through winter. We have several hundred ready for your garden in our central full sun area.

These (both) are excellent, excellent nectar flowers for bees, butterflies, and humming birds. They will flower in your garden and the nursery too from spring into early winter.

Now the shady stuff!

A lot of the shady stuff can be grown in sun by the coast or part shade. Inland like Simi Valley, the San Fernando Valley, or Ojai…gotta plant all these in full shade.

And a shot in the garden…

Hummingbird sage…Salvia spathacea. We ran out of these in 1-gallon pots but were now restocked. These flower in spring and then again in fall.

These are western columbines and are also on sale. They flower in spring then will die back in winter to back spring after spring after spring. Native to parts of Ventura County as well.

Hunnemannia fumariifolia or Mexican tulip poppies. These perennials flower spring through early winter. By the coast they’ll do fine in sun or shade – inland like were our nursery is, we grow them in shade.

Oh, yeah and you’ll see some of these too….These are growing on our hillsides. We have them in 1 and 5 gallon pots for our garden in the shade areas, although you need to plant them in sunny spots.  You can plant them this time of year you just have to be really careful to not to break the root ball when planting, keep up on the watering and you’ll be fine.


At the nursery you’ll see a lot more and a lot more to plant in summer!



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Featured Plant

Romneya coulteri - matilija poppy


Botanical Name

Romneya coulteri

Common Name

matilija poppy


Flower Color

White / Yellow

Mature Size

7 tall × 15 wide

Climactic Requirements


Full Sun / Filtered Sun


Drought Tolerant / Occasional
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