April 29, 2020

What You’ll See at the Nursery

This will be a weekly series (I hope) of what you’ll see when you come to the nursery. I’ll have pictures of the areas both sun and shade and things in bloom. There will “some” of the plants that can be planted now which will include what they look like in their pots and what they’ll look like in bloom in your garden.

The Sunny Section

This is in roughly the middle of the nursery. Everything in here will do fine in the hot and dry.

California fuchsia

An excellent time to plant these – they flower summer through fall with bright red flowers that the hummingbirds love- on sale this week too.

These are very drought tolerant once established and will bloom reliably every summer/fall.


You’ll see lots of desert mallows not only in orange but shades for red and pink. Bright flowering all year, bees love them and excellent cut flowers too.

One of the more rare penstemons – native to New Mexico, Penstemon cardinalis….

Clear dark read tube flowers to feed the hummingbirds. Can plant in part shade too. I don’t often have a crop like these.

I guess you could say we also grow “the other irises”. These are reblooming tall bearded.

These will bloom 2 or more seasons and many are also fragrant.

And yes we have ….matlija poppies. we have several large bushes around the nursery that are just going into flower.

Just going into flower- these will stand out in your garden…fragrant…great for both bees and cut flower arrangements. The 1-gallon and 5-gallon pots are on our Promotions list at 20% off.

The shade sections…this will likely to be done a little later today. At the nursery we have really 3 shade sections. Two of the sections are mostly devoted to pacific coast irises. The third section is “other” shade plants. Getting a little late to plant pacific coast irises but some of these others are good to go.

Hummingbird sage or Salvia spathacea can really be planted all year.

In nature you’ll typically see these in the shade under oak trees. They flower spring into early summer but with some irrigation they’ll flower again in fall. And you will get hummingbirds feeding from them.

Western columbine or Aquilegia formosa is in bloom and going into bloom.

These flower in spring and are good for feeding hummingbirds and stand out in shady areas. We also have another type of native columbine, it flowers in late spring/early summer Aquilegia eximia – serpentine columbine. A native to the eastern Sierra’s but will grow and flower in your shade garden.

Excellent flowers for hummingbirds and bees.

Our Heuchera all types are in bloom and will flower a few weeks longer. This is Heuchera maxima, a Channel Island native.

These also feed both bees and hummingbirds. When they’re done flowering they’re still nice and green for your shade garden.

A few others that are good for shade or part shade and will flower for a few more weeks. Penstemon heterophyllus ‘Bop’, which stands for back of porch.

Like all penstemons these are good for feeding hummingbirds and bees.

You’ll also see Satureja douglaii or yerba buena. Low growing ground cover for shady and maybe damper areas. These also have a minty fragrance.

We’ll stop here…there’s always more but you might want to come visit and see for yourself.


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