May 19, 2020

Interesting Things for Your Garden 5/18

Here are a few good additions for your garden this week…..

We’ve been out of indian  mallow – Abutilon palmeri for months and now have some in 1-gallon pots for your garden. These will flower all year except winter and are excellent bee plants.


Below, the yarrow is up and blooming – with occasional irrigation they’ll flower until winter. The picture below if of the pink island form.

The more common form that you’ll see on hikes is white flowering yarrow and both are excellent for pollinators.

Below is Monardell villosa or coyote mint- these will grow nicely in sun or shade by the coast and part shade to shade inland. They are evergreen – flower from spring through early winter.

Excellent nectar plants for the garden. Since they bloom in fall they’ll feed the monarch during their fall mating season.

Desert mallows are also a colorful one to plant this time of year. They do like the heat. Colorful generally orange but some on the red or pink side.

The above shows the more common orange and below more red.

The red results for inter-species bee crosses. 


I will be adding more tomorrow night!!

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Featured Plant

lavaterapurissima copy


Botanical Name

Lavatera 'Purissima'

Common Name

Purissima tree mallow


Flower Color


Mature Size

5' tall × 7' wide

Climactic Requirements


Full Sun / Filtered Sun / Part Shade / Full sun on coast / afternoon shade inland


Drought Tolerant / Occasional
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