February 8, 2021

Everything Can Be Planted Now but Plan Ahead

This time of year you can plant any of our native plants and be successful. Most bloom in spring but what about when spring is over? Then what? Not a lot flowers bloom in summer and your garden can look pretty stressed out. However, some things do and you should plant some of them now. One is our California fuchsia and there are several verities. Bright red flowers as far as the eye can see and lots of hummingbirds too.

These are on sale right now too!

Red flowers in summer through early winter as far as the eye can see.

And are hummingbird favorites too!

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Featured Plant



Botanical Name

Iris germanica TB 'Light Beam' Re

Common Name

Light Beam


Flower Color

White / Yellow

Mature Size

2-1/2 tall × 2 wide

Climactic Requirements


Full Sun / Filtered Sun


Profile Availability

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