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Some First Blooms from our Pacific Coast Irises- 2021 Bob Sussman

Some First Blooms from our Pacific Coast Irises – 2021- Bob Sussman

A few new first blooms from the laboratory.  These flowers the result from our crosses two to three years ago. While there are many, many more they tend to be somewhat similar to these by either color or characteristic. The immediate parents that we used were ‘Ocean Blue’, ‘Clincher’, ‘Now Showing’, and ‘San Ardo’, all four are Ghio irises. Additionally, there’s plenty of ‘Untitled, a Gessert iris, ‘Canyon Banner’, one of ours, a noid this is one of ours, and ‘Starry Night’ a Suncrest Nurseries iris. All of these are many generations for their native roots.

As many of you know we have hot summers relative to the native range where pacific coast irises grow. All of these in the picture have made it through their first summer, that’s a pretty good screen that they’ll be good growers in our warmer climate. We been doing this for several years and work with stock that handles our warmer climate – we really have no choice in the matter that’s just where we are in sunny (sometimes) southern California.

This up coming spring 2022, many new first blooms can be added to your garden. We won’t be holding back as many as we have a pretty good range of stock material to work with for future artistic experiments.


More new and interesting ones this spring….fun to look forward to.




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