January 20, 2020

Shipping Pacific Coast Irises- mixed colors & some selections!

Shipping Pacific Coast Irises from our nursery to your garden!

(please note minimum order size for all mail order business $30 of plants)

We now have a few of each of the following at $9 each. And a few more specific selections in the next few weeks!

We have relatively small quantities of each except the mixed colors.  We also have a limited number of matilija poppies in 4″ containers for $10 each. Maybe 25 of these left?

Ace of Spades’ a selection from Suncrest Nurseries, dark purple/black flowers.  4″ pots $9.

‘Bonnie Rose’ – a random seedling with ‘Canyon Snow’, one of our introductions. . An excellent growers with large flowers 4″ to 4-1/2″ across.

Clarice Richards- very big flowers and strong grower.

 $9 each.

(inventory on these mixed colors is somewhat limited for now- about 125+/-)


These are irises from the seeds we’ve collect for our hybrids. We don’t know what the flowers will look like until they bloom but they should all be pretty exceptional and large , measuring 4”+ when fully open. The price of the mixed seedlings in 4” pots are $8.00 each plus California sales tax of 7.25% for Ventura County. Here’s what to do, what you’ll be getting, what to do when you get it….how and where toplant and how to take care of them!

What to do…

Email your order to matilijanurseryweb@gmail.com or call to speak to a real human (805-523-8604) or leave a message on voice mail- a real human will call back. Minimum order size is $35 of plants. There’s also shipping cost of $25 flat. This means shipping and packing of your order no matter how big or small is $25. I’ll need the normal contact info. like:


Mailing address

Phone number

I’ll call or you can call me (Bob) 805-523-8604 asking for a Visa or Master Card number before your package heads to either UPS or USPO Priority. Packages will be mailed out Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday so they will reach you before the weekend. We will not charge your card until you package has been mailed and you will get a confirmation and copy of your paid charge card slip.

What you’ll be getting…

Your plants will be coming in a “typical” cardboard box with your name on it and ours in the upper left. Your plants will be tightly wrapped in bubble wrap. This keeps your plants protected against being tossed around plus the plastic keeps the somewhat hydrated. This should also keep them viable for about 10 days.

The picture (pic. 1) shows the individual pacific coast irises in their 4″ pots that we’ll be sending.

This picture (pic. 2) shows the well developed root ball. Note too when you take them out of the pots to plant you want to take them out like a jello mold and don’t break up the roots!

Pic. 3, shows that we wrap each individual plant to both protect them and make sure that the root ball stays intact.

Pict. 4, shows what you’ll see when you open the box!

What to do with your new plants?

Take them out the box and bubble wrap. Put them outside in a shady spot and water. They’ll be fine in a shady spot and watered 1x/week. Next, where to plant?

Pacific coast irises need to be planted in a shady spot, especially inland. The closer to the coast the more sun they can handle. Now, dig a hole such that your new plants will sit even to slightly up. Fill the hole up with water and let it drain out. Flip them upside down and push on the pot so you new irises come out like they were in a jello mold like the 2nd photo. Don’t break the root ball and place them in the hole- cover them in around the sides-firm them in and water! Depending on where you live and the conditions you’ll be watering 1x/week through early spring then drop it down to 2x/month.

They should bloom for you the first year and you’re off!




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Botanical Name

Iris 'Sunol Grade x MSC50'

Common Name

Sunol Grade x MSC50 hybrid


Flower Color

Purple / Red

Mature Size

8 tall × 1-1/2 wide

Climactic Requirements


Part Shade / Shade


Drought Tolerant / Occasional
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