December 1, 2019

A Class: Gardening with Native Plants – I’ll do my best!

The class is now closed.


A Class: Gardening with Native Plants – I’ll do my best!

(the update- as of 12/2 14 people have signed up. The class closes at 20. You can register up until the day of assuming there are openings.)


The Link to sign up!

Beginning January 16th of next year – just around the corner- I will be teaching a class in gardening with native plants. There will be three classes each lasting 90 minutes on consecutive Thursday nights. After the class is over I’ll be going to the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden on a near Sunday (TBA) and acting as your guide at the garden. This would be completely voluntary, sort of an applied fun adventure.

I recognize this is subject is well beyond “large” but we will narrow and focus on landscaping your garden with California native plants that can be easily grown, maintained, have long blooming periods, and will feed members of the Wild Kingdom in your garden.

We’ll divide the world up into sunny gardens, shade gardens, and things in between.I’ll have lists/examples of plants to pick from that are especially easy to grow and are forgiving – that is, sort of hard to kill even if abused. We’ll cover simple landscape designs, how to plant, and how to maintain.

Plus, it will be all (almost all) pictures. I’ll have pictures in PowerPoint that for the most part are local good examples. There will be some examples of what not to do, at least in my opinion too. There are some classic mistakes that many of us make including me.Remember too, this is a class for you. If you have a question relating to the material then stop me and ask. This makes the class more interesting for everyone.


January 16th Class

Start defining terms as in “what’s native” and is it OK to cheat a little. And what Sunday are we going to the Santa Barbara Botanic- think about for next class.

  1. Your garden exposure- sunny/shady in between. I live in Ventura, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks.
  2. Planting time of year
  3. Simple landscape design and how to actually plant
  4. The full on sun garden!
    1. Plants for full sun
    2. What to plant so you have flowers and interest all year-the seasons
    3. How to water and maintain your garden
    4. What not to do


January 23nd Class- The Shade Garden…


  1. Summary and review short
  2. What day do we go to the Santa Barbara Botanic
  3. Shade gardens – define
  4. Organize and plant –walls, house, water pipes
  5. Plants for the shade that are easy – and yes pacific coast irises
  6. Landscapes-the seasons too.


January 30th.The Wild Kingdom in Your Garden!


  1. Adding dimension by bringing wild things to your garden
  2. What wild things do you want to bring?
  3. Berries, nectar plants, pollen, larva plants-leaves
  4. When do they arrive? Monarchs and Queens and others too.


Trip to the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden

The END!

The link to sign up:

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