May 22, 2019

Plant Matilija Poppies fall/winter- not spring/summer!

Plant Matilija Poppies fall/winter – not spring/summer!- 5/22- Bob Sussman

As you driving and hiking around you’ll see in home, public, and botanic gardens the flowering matilija poppies……Loved by people and bees. They also make excellent cut flowers.

This is the time of year where we also get the most calls at our nursery from people wanting to buy and plant them. I hate turning away business but this is NOT the time to plant them.  At this time of year the rootball is very sensitive and one small planting mistake and they’re off to matilija poppy heaven. Also, if you plant them now and are very, very, very, careful and water them 2 to 4x/week they still won’t bloom until next spring. 

What to do?  Hold off planting until fall or winter is fine too.  In fall/winter they’re root systems are far less sensitive so if you make a planting mistake they are fairly forgiving. They will also flower the first spring for you. So wait and we’ll have plenty for matilija poppies at our nursery for you to buy to plant in your garden!

We’re potting them up now for sale in fall/winter.

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