July 14, 2019

A Visit To Calif. Lutheran Univ. in Thousand Oaks

A Visit to Calif. Lutheran Univ. in Thousand Oaks, 7/19

Today I went to go take a look at the native/southwest landscape areas at Calif. Lutheran Univ. in Thousand Oaks- about 10 min. from my house. We’ve been working with them (Mark and Rich) for many years and every once in a while when it’s not so busy I like to go over there and take pictures of the native/southwest areas so today I went. There are lots of areas that have been planted out over the years but time is always a limitation as well as it “ain’t so easy to get around”, there is so much new construction.

Specifically, I wanted to make sure I saw the landscaping behind the library and the new landscaping around the corner on Faculty and Pioneer as well as Zimmerman Hall.

So here are some shots of the area behind the library first.

Stairway that connects the bridge over Olsen Road. The yellow daisies are chocolate daisies- Berlanderia lyrata – southwest. Strong chocolate fragrance and the grass is Leymus ‘Canyon Prince’.

From the hill right behind the library. Lots of things here in addition to the chocolate daisies. There are Island snapdragons that are good hummingbird feeders- red tube flowers and also desert mallows with orange flowers.

The hill is covered with chocolate daisies.

Another view of the stairs that connect the bridge.

Right outside Zimmerman Hall. The yellow flowers are Calylophus berlanderia, one of our biggest sellers because they flower almost all year. In the back are Salvia ‘Bee’s Bliss’- blue flowers in spring. One of the two homes that landscaped with natives on the corner of Faculty and Pioneer. The sundrops(Calylophus) help soften the sidewalk line and flower just about all year.

Ok, that’s the story. The shots aren’t nearly as good as seeing it. It’s worth the visit especially behind the library and easy one to walk to and you should be able to find it on a map of the campus. The schools not all that large. You SHOULD ALSO GO BEFORE  12 OR 1 because the chocolate daisies tend to close up in the afternoon and no strong smell of chocolate until the next morning!


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