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Matilija Nursery Visit to the Santa Barbra Botanic 7/12

Ok, we went!  Had a great time …scroll down for the pictures!
Matilija Nursery Visit to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 7/12!!!!

(The Santa Barbara Botanical Garden has most graciously said that anyone coming to the garden as part of our Matilija Nursery visit will be given a $2 discount on the admission fee. Very nice and appreciated!!!!!)

Every year or so we visit the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and our nursery buddies are invited. We’ll be there at the garden at about 2:00 PM ( yeah pm not am). My wife and I go there to take pictures for our website and Facebook page and we can take pictures of you too!


We usually meet in the front or the meadow area. Take some pictures and go down the trail taking more pictures of “cool” stuff. I can be the “fake” expert and answer questions. We also generally have along some real experts so if you want the correct answer you can ask them. Some how, at about 4:00 we end up at the gift store and nursery and I buy stuff there too.

Here are a few pictures from previous year’s trips.

sbbg2A picture from the meadow area in late summer. The fields and drifts of carex give it a very wet cool feel even though it’s dry.

sbbg1This was taken last year around the same time, early July. Some poppies still and the purple coyote mint (Monardella villa) with some manzanita in the back.

We also go down the trail to the many interesting areas of the garden. This is from last years visit with some of our nursery/Facebook buddies.


In fall the California fuchsia bloom with their bright red flowers and are tremendous natural hummingbird feeders.

MeadowSBBG copy

Ok, so we’ll be at the meadow Sunday, 7/12, at 2:00 pm. You get there on your own and same with entry to the garden. We’re not sponsoring, charging, and in today’s world we assume no liability, but we’ll both supply the fun!

We went and had a great time, thanks to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and to both Frederique Lavoipierre and Billy Goodnick (L.A.) who answered lots of questions and pointed out some real interesting things too. Really appreciate their input. Saved me and our group from having to listen to some of my bad jokes.

Sbbg1 sbbg4

Here we’re all out on the trail area by the redwood forest area.

sbbg5 sbbg4 sbbg3

Still on the trail- some posing for some shots….

sbbg2Ok, here’s what it’s all about, the gift store and the nursery off to the side and yes I did buy some plants at the SBBG nursery.  Yes, I have a bad “plant habit ” .

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