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Fall Preview-California Native Flower Arrangement Contest

California native plants can also be used to create beautiful flower arrangements. On September 14th we will have our first annual Fall Preview California Native Flower Arrangement Contest and plant sale too. Sale prices, prizes, and real live judges. The judges cannot be related to contestants, as near as we can tell. On this day – all plants will be discounted at 15% OFF our already cheap prices. Details BELOW!  GOT TO LIMIT THE NUMBER OF CONTESTANTS TO 25 SO SIGN UP OR GET THERE FIRST!

Event Schedule:




Our BIG EVENT- The Fall California Native Flower Arranging Contest. The rules- everyone entering the contest will get a gift certificate and the “Grand Winner” will get a big “Grand Gift Certificate”.

The Details

*All entries- you must bring your own flower vase and clippers-you can clip from any of the flowers in the nursery or plants growing around the nursery-and you’re limited in your material what’s on the nursery grounds.   Those entering the contest my check in by no later than 10:15  but you can check in and start as early as you like.   You’ll find many flowers on the plants planted out around the nursery. The container plants are fair game too.  All entries must be finished and ready for judging by 11:00 A.M. .

* Anyone entering the contest will get a $20 nursery gift certificate, per family, no matter what no matter what. Since this is a pretty good deal and we’d like to stay financially solvent will have to limit the number of entries to 25.  If you want to enter, the sooner you let me know the better for both of us. If you don’t show by 10:15 check in time your slot can be given away. To the first person on the waiting list-yes I’ll keep a list.

*We’ll also need judges! The judges will get a gift certificate for $40 no matter what no matter what. We can take up to 6 judges. We’ll post the judges and some of their info. on our site.

*The winner-only one winner will get a gift certificate for $100! The decision of the judges will be FINAL!

Good luck-this is an easy one and the most important thing is it should be fun! Those entering the contest get a $20 gift certificate for giving it a try and for being warm and breathing!

You can call 805-523-8604, email, of FB me if you have questions.

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Botanical Name

Zauschneria 'Calistoga'

Common Name

California fuchsia


Flower Color


Mature Size

8' tall × 2 wide

Climactic Requirements


Full sun on coast / afternoon shade inland


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