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Carnival de Iris 2013


Carnival de Iris 2013 – Epilogue

Our 2013 Carnival de Iris is now history and it sure looks like a good time was had by all.  Lots of people to watch the iris crossing demo and lots of people watching our California Native Flower Arranging Contest.  We had quite a range of talented people making beautiful  arrangements, all winners.

carnivaldeiris (6)


Our youngest entry Gigi, waiting for two brand new front tenth to drop down, has you can see has a big future as an artist.

CarnivaldeIris (4)


We had 5 judges with a range of backgrounds.  We had as judges Euan our web creator, Cheryl our graphic arts person, Lisa and Trish both garden designers and Mr. Matt – Super. for the Conejo Parks and Rec. and the founder of our event.

My family arrived after the event and talked with a lot our iris and native plant customers. They suggested that I serve beer and wine and put out more chairs. We’ll maybe so.  

A big thanks to all those who attended, entered our contest, and judged!


I’m going to have to limit space to 30 contestants we’re filling up real fast. We still have a little capacity so if you want “IN” send me an email.

IF YOU WANT TO GET “IN” ON THE CALIFORNIA NATIVE FLOWER ARRANGEMENT CONTEST and get the $20 gift certificate just for entering, you should probably email me directly as we are limited to space and those who reserve space will entered unless you don’t check-in by 10:30 April 13th.

Carnival de Iris 2013

Every year we have a couple of events that that are designed to be fun, educational, and save you a few dollars too. This year our first event is our annual Carnival de Iris. It will be held at the nursery April 13th from 8:30 until 3:00. This is the beginning of the peak iris blooming season. There will be tons of our tall bearded reboomers, pacific coast, and Louisiana iris that have just begun to bloom.

Seeing photos of irises is nothing like seeing them live and it’s just the start of the season too.  Our tall bearded rebloomers will also bloom beyond spring in other seasons too. This is your chance to see them live and take them home to your garden. While there will be some pretty good price discounting, we’ll also have and iris demonstration and flower arranging event too.

As many of you may know we have been hybridizing some of our own irises for a while. We’ll should you how to hybridize your own irises. While this could be an, all day lesson, I think we can do this in a 15 minute demonstration.  That’s because anything beyond 15 minutes is beyond me too!

The main event will be a California native flower arranging contest that will be judged. Everyone entering the contest will get a gift certificate and the “Grand Winner” will get a big “Grand Gift Certificate”.  Contest rules and details will follow shortly but contestants will be able to cut flowers from all over the nursery with the exception of the irises both native pacific coast and non-native.

So we’ll need both some contestants and brave judges too!

The Details

These are the details for the California native plant flower arrangement contest:

*All entries- you must bring your own flower vase and clippers-you can clip from any of the flowers in the nursery or plants growing around the nursery-and you’re limited in your material what’s on the nursery grounds.   Note, you can’t clip any of the irises.  You’ll find many more flowers on the plants planted out around the nursery.  All entries must be finished and ready for judging by 11:00 A.M. April 13th.

* Anyone entering the contest will get a $20 nursery gift certificate, per family, no matter what no matter what. Since this is a pretty good deal and we’d like to stay financially solvent will have to limit the number of entries to 20. And I’ll be the one to determine “family”.

*We’ll also need judges! The judges will get a gift certificate for $40 no matter what no matter what. We can take up to 6 judges. We’ll post the judges and some of their info. on our site.

*The winner-only one winner will get a gift certificate for $100! The decision of the judges will be FINAL!

Good luck-this should be fun- and you get a free $20 gift certificate!

Gotta do it.

And now the DISCOUNTS TOO!!!!


Any questions you can email or call 805-523-8604

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