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California Native – Fall Flower Arrangement Contest 2015!!!!


The 6th Annual Fall California Native Flower Arranging Contest-

Saturday – October 10th!!

Ok….here are a few pictures from the contest and how it went…

It was really an exceptionally hot day hitting 100, and dry, and a bit of wind too.That said we still had some brave ones that came out to have some fun and they made some really beautiful arrangements. Here are the judges staying away from the contestants…so as not to be unduly influenced. Undue influence can be a real problem with these important contests. Just look at the current FIFA situation in the world of soccer or politics for that matter. Neither Angela nor Pam can be “bought”!!!


While the contestants are preparing their arrangements they don’t like the camera “snooping”. A lot of proprietary technology. My buddy Phyllis was about to call security if we didn’t get our crew and the camera out of there. Her arrangements was one of the winning arrangements too so we could understand her point and the crew backed away.


Now that everyone is done here are a few of the arrangements that our nursery “drone” was able to sneak in a photograph.




Finally, a group shot…..before we dispersed for a cold beer and wine…..


Thanks to all for a fun day…..that will live on the internet forever!



Our 6th Annual Fall California Native Flowering Arranging Contest will be happening on Saturday, October 10th and you don’t want to miss out!


Some of the happy contestants and judges from last year’s contest. 

All items will be on sale the day of the event- everything will be 10% off our already totally dirt, cheap prices. And if you participate in the Contest you’ll get and even bigger discount of 25% – SO IT REALLY PAYS TO BE IN THE CONTEST!!!!!!

How the “California Native Flower Arrangement Contest” works.

This is as it sounds, a contest of flower arrangements made up of California natives taken from around the nursery.


What to bring:


  • clippers
  • vase
  • Other items you may need (i.e., gloves, hat, etc…)


We have to limit the number of contestants due to space restrictions in the potting area, so you’ll need to let us know as soon as possible. I wouldn’t “chance” showing up on the day of the contest and expecting a space. Reserve your spot soon so we can put you on the “list”.

contest2014-1Judging some of last year’s fine arrangements. 

On the day of the contest, you’ll need to let us know you’re at the nursery and ready to go by 10:00. The earlier you arrive, the better. The contest will be over by 11:00, and then the judging will start. The winner will be announced at 11:30.

What do you get?

  • All participants will get a 20% off all purchases the day of

the contest.

  • The Grand Prize winner will get a $100 gift certificate. 2nd and 3rd places will also get gift certificates for $25.

The decision of the judges is final.


We do need judges for the contest, at least 5. If you’re in the “biz”, or if you’ve been a judge before, or if you’ve been one of our Grand Prize Winners – you are qualified to judge. Judges get a $50 gift certificate – not a great deal, but it’s a fun job. You will need to be at the nursery no later than 10:00, so you can evaluate the arrangements. You’ll be finished, officially, by 11:30. If you’re interested in judging, email or call the nursery.


One of last years really nice arrangements. Way more beautiful than what you’ll see at a flower shop. 

I’m sure I’ve left something out, so check back between now and October 9th by Oct. 10th, it’s too late.

Good luck, and email or call soon for your space!!!!

Matilija Bob



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